Delafield is a Parker Aircraft AS9100 Certified hose distributor and manufacturer for aviation fueling hose and aircraft hose assemblies.

  • Parker Aircraft fueling hose: API1529 Type C, Grade 1; API1529 Type C, Grade 2; API1529 Type C-CT, Grade 2; API1529 Type E, Grade 2; BS EN 1361; NFPA 407
  • Parker Aircraft fueling hose application: Bottom Loading, Defueling, Ground Fueling, Hydrant, JAC-Riser, Over-Wing, Service Trucks, Tank Transfer, and Under Wing Fueling Hoses
  • Operating Pressures: 150 PSI, 300 PSI, Cold Temperature, and Jac-Riser Fueling Hose
  • Tube: Black Nitrile
  • Reinforcements: Multiple textile spirals
  • Temp Range: -70°F to + 212° F
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
Aircraft Fueling Hose
Aircraft Fueling Hose

Aircraft Hose Applications