Delafield’s Engineering group can assist our customers to integrate our products and components into their equipment. Delafield has regularly worked with our customers to connect various systems or components together.

  • Design, routing, termination or manufacturing of piping, tubing or hoses
  • Generate 3D models utilizing SolidWorks or 2D drawings in AutoCad
  • Design leak-proof designs to high pressure and high flow applications
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Delafield has incorporated our components into customer’s products through a thorough understanding of what it takes to make a seamless integration. We will use our expertise in working with all types of fluids (liquids and gases) to improve, or assist in, the design of your products.

We have assisted our customer’s integration of our products into chip-testers, oil drilling platforms, turbine generators, laser systems, CNG filling stations, public bus transportation, and hydraulic pumping stations. Our integration experience has been as simple as reverse-engineering a tube or hose assembly, to helping develop the interface on multi-point hydraulic pumping units within the facility.

As part of Delafield’s engineering support capabilities we offer product and project management for in-house projects. We will provide detailed project time lines, monitoring of in-house and outside processes, written test procedures, and complete data and records collection. Whether the product is designed by the Delafield engineering staff or by the customer’s engineers, we will insure that the production is under control and that the production milestones are met. If a problem should occur the customer will be informed and a detailed explanation of the problem and options will be discussed.

Because Delafield has worked with so many various industries we can use this experience to help develop alternative process and methodologies to bring a product to fruition. Delafield is a proven performer that has excelled in coordinating various support industries so as to better aid our customers in finalizing their product design.

We have managed projects for such world-class organizations as Unisys, JPL/NASA, National Oilwell Varco, Rockwell, LTX, and many others.

Delafield has a staff of engineers and product designers with experience in mechanical design, fluid flow, machine design, hazardous-area equipment design, piping design, hydraulic systems, hydraulic block manifolds, and heat exchangers – to name a few. We have taken concepts all the way through design and development, right into production. Our customers have brought us ideas in the form of sketches, specifications, layouts, and prototypes, and have asked us to assist them in developing products for them. We can start working on your ideas or products with just about any information you can provide.

As part of our Product Development procedures we follow ISO 9001 requirements for product design. We start with your ideas and use these as our input for the design. Working closely with you, we will develop conceptual designs and discuss changes with your approval. As the design is refined, we will verify that the original requirements can be met via computer analysis and other proven engineering practices. Once the product is realized we will generate the necessary test procedures and confirm that the product meets or exceeds the final agreed upon criteria. We will keep you informed along the way as to any issues or changes that are required to meet your product’s performance goals.