Hydraulic Accumulators

Delafield Corporation utilizes and exports Parker hydraulic accumulators which optimize performance for hydraulic systems.

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Heavy Duty Cylinders

Delafield Corporation integrates Heavy Duty Parker Hydraulic Cylinders in the most demanding of engineered and manufactured hydraulic product applications.

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Medium Duty Cylinders

Delafield Corporation integrates Medium Duty Parker Hydraulic Cylinders for increased productivity, reduced maintenance, and long service life in engineered and manufactured hydraulic products.

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Hydraulic Cartridges

Delafield Corporation designs and engineers systems utilizing Parker Hydraulic Cartridge products.

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Industrial Hydraulics

Delafield can provide customers with components, sub-assemblies, and complete motion and control systems for Industrial Hydraulic applications

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Mobile Hydraulics

Delafield Corporation integrates the complete line of Parker® mobile Hydraulics to provide customers with optimal performance, minimal downtime, reduced noise, reduced heat, and lower emissions.

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Proportional Pressure Control

Delafield Corporation integrates Parker® proportional pressure control and DIN slip-in cartridge valves to provide throttle, pressure, and compensator control.

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