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DUARTE, CA (March 12, 2012) — Delafield Corporation is pleased to announce that it has added the new Snap-tite 59 Series quick disconnect to its product catalog. This cutting edge drybreak thread-to-connect unit offers connect-under-pressure capability, full bore flow with low pressure drop, and a quick turn ACME thread that connects twice as fast as standard threads.

The Snap-tite 59 Series Thread-to-Connect Quick Disconnect has been designed from the ground up to solve many coupling issues that have troubled users for years. Its threaded design, combined with a patented internal valve, allows most users to connect and disconnect by hand while under pressure. The connect-under-pressure feature in the nipple allows the user to overcome trapped static pressure in hydraulic lines for a smooth, trouble-free connection with minimal effort.

Full bore flow reduces pressure drop across the unit. Other comparable units on the market often reduce the bore size in comparison with the coupling end fitting. This leads to increased pressure drop and heat buildup in the hydraulic circuit, causing damage to valuable components. Snap-tite’s 59 Series maintains the same bore size throughout. This “flow-thru” design keeps back pressure low and heat generation to a minimum. Best of all, the coupling’s no-spill, drybreak, flat-face design virtually eliminates fluid loss and keeps dirt out of the system, protecting equipment by keeping the machine and workplace free of the spillage typical of standard poppet valve designs.

The 59 Series has up to 8000 psig (550 bar) working pressure (connected and disconnected) in sizes 3/4″, 1″, and 1-1/4″. The “Hammer” (impulse) resistant high flow design is suitable for all kinds of equipment that generate pulsating flow. An optional “Snap-Lock” feature to prevent hydraulic disconnection is available should pulsating flows “unscrew” the coupling due to hose flex.

The ACME threads have a “dual start” to make the connection easy to begin and a modified thread pitch to complete the operation twice as fast as the competition. The unique dirt-tolerant design of the ACME thread also makes it damage resistant and easier to keep clean when compared with standard threads.

Contact Delafield Corporation to order this next generation of quick disconnect.

About Delafield Corporation

Providing quality customer service for over 60 years, Delafield Corporation is an ISO 9001, AS9100, and ISO/TS 29001 Certified Company and an API Spec Q1 Registered Organization. It specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of fluid systems and components. Delafield Corporation is one of only three American CNG hose fabricators that are also full line Parker distributors, capable of delivering everything from connectors and hoses to custom-designed hydraulic power units and pneumatic systems. Solid teamwork and an experienced, knowledgeable staff allow the company to help its customers from inception through completion in all their project needs. More information can be found at its website (

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