Delafield Corporation adds the new Snap-tite 59 Series Quick Disconnect

DUARTE, CA (March 12, 2012) — Delafield Corporation is pleased to announce that it has added the new Snap-tite 59 Series quick disconnect to its product catalog. This cutting edge drybreak thread-to-connect unit offers connect-under-pressure capability, full bore flow with low pressure drop, and a quick turn ACME thread that connects twice as fast as standard threads.

The Snap-tite 59 Series Thread-to-Connect Quick Disconnect has been designed from the ground up to solve many coupling issues that have troubled users for years. Its threaded design, combined with a patented internal valve, allows most users to connect and disconnect by hand while under pressure. The connect-under-pressure feature in the nipple allows the user to overcome trapped static pressure in hydraulic lines for a smooth, trouble-free connection with minimal effort.

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