Tube Bending

Delafield utilizes state of the art machinery to allow us to make a few, a hundred, or a thousand of tube assemblies to exacting requirements time and time again. Our CMM capabilities allow our quality control functions to communicate with computer-aided design programs to assure you of continued repeatability. Delafield can provide tube assemblies from 3/16″ through 2″ OD size in an assortment of tube thickness. Our welders are qualitfied to ASME SEC IX.

  • Materials – Carbon Steel (CS) Hydraulic Tube, Type 304, Type 316L, Type 321, Type 21-6-9, Aluminum, Copper, Monel, Titanium
  • Fittings – Available to customer specification: Parker Tube Fittings, Parker Instrumentation, Brennan Instrumentation, SSP Instrumentation, Swagelok, Hamlet, Hoke, and AN & MS
  • Grades – Per ASTM and Military Grades
  • Type – Welded, Welded & Drawn, and Seamless
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty